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Takkellapadu, Guntur
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Research Committee of
SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences

The Research Committee of SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences consists of faculty members associated with pre-clinical, clinical, and public health related activities. The Research Committee aims to offer timely and complete critical appraisal to the submitted research proposals and offer technical guidance to those who submit their proposals for its review.

The review of the submitted research proposals is an in-house exercise, where an attempt is made to assess its feasibility, to improve relevance to the local context, technical quality and ethical aspects of the proposed research. We encourage good clinical practice and good authorship practices at SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences. In order to observe the aforementioned objectives, the research committee involves in the following activities.

Functions of the
Institutional Research Committee

- Conducting periodic research methodology trainings to empower students on the methodological and ethical aspects of research

- Conducting scientific deliberations for undergraduate students under the title ‘Medhomadhan’ twice a year (separately for students from pre-clinical and clinical years)

- Encouraging and supporting undergraduate students to participate in state, national dental conferences and to publish the research projects presented in Medhomadhan


Pilot studies on microwave conversion of eggshell into nanostructured hydroxyapatite for biomedical applications and to design and fabricate continuous microwave reactor for scaling up the process. (DST/TSG/WM/2015/576/G)

Automation of nano hydroxyapatite production from eggshell waste using continuous flow microwave reactor suitable for industrial scale production for various biomedical and industrial applications. TPN.No.59149.

Evaluation of hard and soft tissue changes after immediate and delayed loading in parallel conical connection implants – A clinical study. 2016-1475.

Eggshell derived nano hydroxyapatite for bone regeneration & reconstruction. BIRAC/BIG/6299.

COVID-19 e Saúde Mental: adaptação cultural e validação de instrumentospara o contextobrasileiro. (COVID-19 and mental health: cultural adaptation and validation of instruments for the Brazilian context).


Institutional Ethical Committee of Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences (IEC-SIDS) is registered with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). The fundamental responsibility of IEC-SIDS is to ensure protection of the dignity, rights, safety, and well-being of the research participants. The committee reviews all the research protocols submitted for approval within specified time limits and hold the authority to approve, request modifications/changes or to disapprove the project with broad consensus.


SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences formed an undergraduate research club in 2017. The Institutional Research Committee (IRC) conducts scientific deliberations for undergraduate students under the title “Medhomadhan”. This is the first of its kind initiative among dental colleges in the Telugu speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The objective of this program is to inculcate scientific temper among students and help them achieve greater academic heights. The institution provides free registration to IDC national conferences for undergraduate students who participated in Medhomadhan. So far, 357 undergraduate students participated in Medhomadhan since 2017 and published 29 scientific papers in peer-reviewed indexed journals.