Objectives of Examination Cell

  1.  To conduct the Internal Assessment examinations for Undergraduate Students.

  2.  To prepare the tentative examination timetable and the schedule proposal will be sent to the management for approval.

  3.  To release the final timetable for the examination at least two weeks before the date of the examination.

  4.  To ensure sanity and integrity of the examination by preparing the sitting arrangement of students in a manner that will not compromise the examination.

  5.  To prepare the attendance sheets for to be used for the examination.

  6.  To collect questions from the respective Head of The Departments one week before the commencement of the examinations.

  7.  To document all cases of examination malpractices and forward same to the office of the Dean for onward transmission to the Disciplinary Committee on Examination and Other Academic Related Matters.

  8.  To ensure that all booklets resulting from each examination are retrieved back Coded and sent to the Department on the next day of the examination.

  9.  To ascertain that all courses having the same course code in their respective departments and are subjected to one harmonised question paper.

  10.  To keep inventory of scripts/booklets collections by the academic staff of their respective departments.

  11.  After one week of the examinations corrected manuscripts from the departments will be collected by the examination cell, decoded and will be entered into the marks sheets which were submitted in the office.


Dr. D. Ravindranath

Dr. B. Ramanarayana

Dr. M. Kalyani

Dr. R. Srinivas

Dr. B. S. Vineela

Mr. K. Sivaram Murthy

Dr. L. Krishna Prasad  (Dean)

Dr. B. Venkat Ramana Reddy  (Principal)







Ex-Officio Member

Ex-Officio Member