Sibar institute of dental sciences has always had sustainable initiatives at the core ofits activities since its inception in 2001. Taking into account the necessity of protecting environment for a pollution-free and healthy life on the planet Earth, the college has formed its Green Campus policy. The Green Campus Policy of the college envisions a Clean and Green Campus where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and ecofriendly practices in the campus and beyond the campus. It also offers the institution an opportunity to take the lead in redefining its environmental culture through instilling environmental ethics among the students and staff.

The focus areas of this policy are:
Clean Campus Initiatives
Landscaping Initiatives

Infrastructre Initiatives

Solar Power Plant
Installation of Energy Efficiency Equipment
Water Conservation
Waste Management initiatives
Reduction in the usage of Plastic
Minimum use of paper in administration
Awareness Initiatives


To create environmental consciousness and actively involve in the activities to protect the planet earth from the unscrupulous human invasions for a viable, pollution-free and healthy life ahead.

Objectives of the Policy

  • Toembrace eco-friendly practices.
  • To minimize environmental pollution.
  • To incorporate sustainable waste management practices.
  • To create awareness about environmental issues by organizing Rallies, Awareness Campaigns, Cleanliness Drives, Tree Plantation Drives, Guest Lectures etc.
  • To protect and conserve ecological systems and resources within thecampus and ensure their judicious use.
  • To integrate environmental concerns into policies, plans and programs for social development.
  • To work with all stakeholders and the local community to raiseawareness and seek the adoption of good environmental practices.
  • To maximize the use of alternative energy sources to increase energy efficiency.
  • To make the campus plastic free.
  • To minimize the use of paper in administration .


Clean Campus Initiatives

SIDS has pledged to actively coordinate cleanliness activities in the campus and beyond in accordance with the vision of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The students are given strict instructions to maintain the campus clean and it is reflected in their handbooks. Full time adequate support staff are appointed for the maintenance of litter free, clean and green campus.Tree-plantation and cleanliness drives are undertaken by the NSS.

Landscaping Initiatives

SIDS campus landscape serves as a visual representation of the institution’s commitment to sustainability. Green campus landscapes manage runoff, help recharge groundwater, and clean the air in the campus. There are more than 100 trees and 500 shrubs in the campus along with 1.5 acre of grass cover. The landscape of trees and plants provide the 600+ students and staff with clean and cool air. The college commits to enriching its healthy habitat and maintaining the symbiotic relation of the institution with nature byorganizing  and encouraging tree plantation drives.

Infrastructural Initiatives

Renewable Sources of Energy- Solar energy

SIDS is dedicated to minimize and sustainably manage its use of electricity. The college believes in reducing the consumption of electricity produced by non-renewable resources by switching to alternate energy sources like solar energy.

Energy Saving and Energy Efficient Equipment

The institution is committed to install Environment-friendly electrical appliances that save energy such as LED lights, sensor based street lights, energy star certified appliances etc.

Water Conservation

SIDS has committed itself to replenish the groundwater table by practicing rainwater harvesting. Inspection and maintenance of water conservation facilities is carried out on a regular basis along with promotion of effective water management practices.

Waste management initiatives

Institute strives to have a minimal impact on the environment and is dedicated to reduce and manage the waste generated in the campus. Effective waste management strategies are implemented along with spreading awareness among students and staff on the reuse and recycling of waste.

Reduced usage of Plastic

SIDS aims at a plastic-free campus with a restricted use of plastics.The college facilitates environment friendly substitutes like stainless steel, washable and reusable tumblers at all water units.

Minimum use of paper in administration

The college has a policy to minimize the use of paper in all types of official/academic communication through E- Communication. The use of paper is substantially reduced through digitalization. What’s app – Class-wise groups, Department wise groups, Committee wise groups , faculty groups etchave been formed which have reduced the usage of paper.The electronichealth record system installed in the institute has further reduced the use of paper significantly.

Awareness Initiatives

Creating awareness is important so that all members of the institute value the objectives of the policy and aid in its implementation. The institute supports and encourages awareness campaigns, seminars, workshops and other interactive sessions to facilitate effective implementation of the Green Campus, Energy and Environment policies.