The institutional library has access to YSRMEDNET consortium. YSRMEDNET consortium was started in 2008 with a vision to improve the quality of education and research in the affiliated colleges through enhanced access to the high quality scientific literature.

Its main goal is to provide greater access to information at a minimum cost, which is cost-effective. The Consortium has successfully accomplished the task of developing an E-journal consortium and a resource-sharing model that networks the health science colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India.

The consortium subscribes to all specialties, Modern Medicine, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical Lab Technology and Indian Systems of Medicine with peer reviewed journals like NEJM, Lancet, Journal of bone and joint surgery, American journal of surgical pathology, Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, Homeopathy, Clinics of North America, AORN Nursing journal etc.

For the year 2014, the Consortium has enabled the member colleges to access 576 Journals, 999 books, procedures, multimedia and also Clinical Learning-a digital resource of clinical and practical skills for undergraduate medical curriculum with more than 200 modules, MEDLINE, EBSCO Dental Data base.

The consortium also conducts periodical hands on trainings, seminars, workshops, demonstrations by the publishers in the member colleges to impart knowledge and expertise in accessing E-journals and E-books.