Code of conduct for patients:

The SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences is dedicated to delivering top-notch healthcare and creating flourishing, healthy communities. In all of our venues, everyone should expect a safe, compassionate, and inclusive atmosphere. Our patient code of behavior aids us in achieving this objective. Disrespectful, aggressive, harassing, or discriminating language or behavior is not acceptable, nor is failing to adhere to a professional’s advice about oral health care.

The following are not permitted during treatment, on campus, or when speaking with staff:

  1. Offensive comments on a person’s gender, sexual orientation, caste, religion, accent, or other personal characteristics.

  2. Refusal to visit a clinician or other staff member based on caste, creed and gender or other personal characteristics.

  3. Verbal and physical abuse and threats.

  4. Sexual or obscene language or deeds.

  5. Interfering with another patient’s experience or treatment.

  6. Ignoring a doctor’s instructions or prescription, skipping appointments repeatedly, and blaming the results.

  7. Loud talks in the stairwell and patient waiting area.

  8. Leaving kid’s unsupervised while on campus.

  9. Blocking the elevator or packing it too full.

    If there are any issues or violations that arise during therapy, patients are asked to meet with the dean or the front office so that the appropriate measures can be implemented.