churning the intellect

Medhomadhan, is one of the first initiatives pioneered among its kind at an institutional level among the undergraduates, with the prime motive of providing a viable platform for research orientation among the budding professionals, potentiating an inquisitive mind and scientific temper with an ethical outlook. Medhomadhan is conducted annually fostering the students in coming up with various research ideologies arising from the hinderances faced in daily dental practice.

The institution sponsors for all the candidates under the Medhomadhan to participate in scientific presentations at the state/ national level conferences making the practice unique by indoctrinating the students with research insights and in facilitating the demonstration of intellectual skills on bigger platforms with scientific presentations and research publications.


- Akhila Sirin, Alumni

Engaging in research activities conducted in the college has not only enhanced my theoretical knowledge but also refined my practical skills such as proficient writing and effective presentation abilities which boosted up my confidence as a postgraduate.

My active participation in research activities throughout my undergraduate studies has been instrumental in exploring my passions, refining my interests, and gaining a deeper understanding of my chosen field. The guidance and mentorship from faculty members have not only provided me with valuable hands-on research experience but also exposed me to a vibrant research community.

T. Archita, Alumni
- Bhavana Krishna, Intern

Undergraduate research has brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to learn beyond my course material. It has helped me improve my public speaking skills and develop an interest towards research.

Medhomadhan is an event that inspires and empowers participants like me to explore the essence of research. Emphasizing research values and methodologies, it fosters curiosity and exploration, fostering fruitful discussions and collaborations that can transform the world. It has left an everlasting impression on me and I’m fortunate enough to be a part of it.
Monica Kommineni, Alumni
- M.Sneha Prasunna, Alumni

My participation in undergraduate research activities has significantly contributed to the development of my knowledge in the field of clinical research. Engaging in these research endeavors has been helpful in shaping my careers trajectory. Working alongside my dedicated guide and mentor has been an invaluable experience, as their constant support and guidance have been pivotal in helping me successfully complete my studies and acquire extensive knowledge in the realm of clinical research.