The institution has implemented the practice of digital maintenance of patient records, appointments and treatment progress through an electronic patient management software named “Dental Information Management Software (DIMS)” taking a mammoth step towards resource sustenance and digitalization. This has rivetted an irrevocable change in conserving and protecting our mother earth. Every student entering the clinics, faculty members, department assistants and billing section are given a unique registration ID and password to access the software. This has enhanced the work efficiency at a faster pace minimizing the work burden and aiding in paperless documentation that can be accessed by authorized personnels at any point of time for patient details and past history of the patient from registration till current treatment course. Digitalization of radiological investigation reports has reduced the radiographic foot print as well further this requires a minuscule space for storing patient records as they are majorly digitalized. The software is user friendly and requires only minimal training to operate effectively. This has thus reduced human resources, time, paper and cost.


  • Eco – Friendly
  • Better Patient Experience
  • Data Archives


- Dr.Devikanth, Professor

Orthodontic treatment protocols require an extended time period for which the patients visit us on a monthly basis throughout the treatment. For this, there is a need to document the patient demographics, photographs, radiographs and treatment procedures at every visit. DMS is a single stop solution for all these hassles as it has become easier to store patient files and check it whenever required.

Institute’s initiative to implement DMS has resulted in faster and more efficient work process along with a better patient experience. The patients have easy access to information and payment process has become easier.

- M.Sravani, Adm. Staff
- D.Raghava, Patient

Establishment of the digital system has simplified and improvised the treatment proceedings. Waiting time has decreased and I also had a smooth payment process.

By instituting the digital system, treatment proceedings have now become much simpler and more efficient. There is no delay in the payment process, and the waiting time has comparatively reduced.

- E.Nageswar Rao, Patient
- G. Raju, Parent of G.Paul (7/M)

Visited Sibar dental hospital for my son’s treatment. Digital system had made the treatment proceedings easier and comfortable. Payment process was hassle free.

DMS has made it easier to maintain the records, to send referrals and bills. As it reduces the wastage of paper, it is eco-friendly too.

- K. Samhitha, Periodontics PG
- Poojitha (Intern)

Introduction of DMS has helped me review the patient records at a faster pace resulting in improvement in the patient compliance.