1. Automation of Nano hydroxyapatite Production from eggshell waste using Continuous flow microwave reactor suitable for industrial-scale production for various biomedical and industrial applications (Department of Science and Technology)

2. Eggshell derived Nanohydroxyapatite for bone Regeneration (Department of Biotechnology)

3. Determing the effect of irrigating solutions on the calcium & phosphate content and Microhardness of root dentin (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

4. A comparative evaluation of soft tissue & crestal bone levels utilizing a diode laser and scalpel in implant surgery (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

5. Prevalence of substance abuse among university students of Guntur city, Andhra Pradesh (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

6. Assessment of relationship between myogeneous temporomandibular joint disorders and cervical range of motion(Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

7. Evaluation of effectiveness of occlusal stamp techniques on micro leakage & Depth of penetration of pit and fissure sealants (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

8. Comparative evaluation of different mechanical brushing aids on oral hygiene status of children with special health care needs (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

9. Odontometric assessment of mandibular canine for sexual dimorphism and gender determination (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

10. Reaching out to the underserved: Documentation of oral health status, utilization and behavioral pattern among HIV positive individuals visiting ART center Guntur city (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

11. Comparative evaluation of debris removal from the clogged diamond points with two different physical methods and multienzyme based disinfectant (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

12. Exploratory research on the readiness of dental students to provide oral health care for subjects with HIV/AIDS using focus group interviews (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

13. Comparative evaluation of the hyoid bone position in skeletal class III subjects with and without cleft (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

14. Assessment of palatal rugae pattern to compare with gender identification in Andhra Pradesh population: An institutional study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

15. Evaluation of brushing and its effect on dental tissues among students – A questionnaire study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

16. Assessment of effect of light and scanning time delay on the image quality of intra oral photostimulable phosphorplates (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

17. Patient’s prospective towards Orthodontic appliance selection(Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

18. Comparison of the antibacterial effects of Nano silver containing mouth wash with chlorhexidine mouth wash in orthodontic patients (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

19. Effect of resveratrol as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in Chronic Periodontitis patients with type II Diabetes mellitus patients (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

20. Retrospective demographics of post COVID osteomyelitis (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

21. Quantitative evaluation of neutrophils in different stages of Periodontitis. A Histochemical study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

22. To evaluate changes in cavity dimensions after removal of composite resin with rubber base and digital impression methods: An in vitro study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

23. Comparative evaluation of finishing and polishing procedures on the surface texture of resin composites : An in-vitro study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

24. Effect of ozone pretreatment on dentinal shear bond strength with total-etch and self-etch adhesive systems: An In-vitro study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

25. Study of surface characteristics of rotary instruments and prepared cavity following composite resin removal with and without use of loupes (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

26. Attitudes and intensions towards a COVID – 19 vaccine among adult population in Tenali (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

27. Evaluation of association between different blood groups and skeletal pattern in orthodontic patients – An observational study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

28. To compare the efficacy of various organic solvents on retrievability of Biodentine, Microhardness of biodentine and radicular dentine: An in – vitro study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

29. A comparative clinical evaluation of the efficacy of chlorhexidine, aloe vera, povidone iodine and probiotic mouthwashes on gingival inflammation: An in-vivo study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

30. Clinical and microbial analysis of the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide, herbal and colgate total toothpaste in Chronic gingivitis (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

31. Role of cytomorphometry using Papanicolaous stain for age estimation (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

32. Impact of exodontia on heart rate and blood pressure – A prospective quantitative study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

33. Comparative evaluation of influence of ozone and sonic activation on enterococcus faecalis in root canals: An in-vitro study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

34. Assessment of relationship between diagonal ear lobe crease and coronary heart disease – A case control study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

35. Post extraction haemostatic efficacy of Tranexamic acid versus Ethamsylate when administered locally without stopping antiplatelet therapy (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

36. Applicability of a natural nano derivatives as a mouth rinse on pH and S mutans count in saliva: An in vivo study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

37. Gender determination using height of mental symphysis and height of ascending ramus among Andhra Pradesh population (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

38. Stay streamlined with the development of COVID – 19 vaccine – Youtube as a patient awareness resource for vaccination (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

39. Effect of dental prophylactic paste on the surface microhardness of microhybrid, nano hybrid and nanofilled composites – An in vitro study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

40. Knowledge, awareness and practice of biomedical waste management and prevalence of colorblindness among dental students in Guntur city (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

41. Tooth brushing a routine or motivational habit in children (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

42. Exploring the association between oral health literacy and alexithymia (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

43. Does mirror-assisted self – assessment improve the systematics of tooth brushing and oral hygiene among school children? A cluster randomized controlled trail (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

44. Inhibitory activity of green tea and black tea on streptococcus mutans – An in vitro study (Dr. NTRUHS UGSRS 2021)

45. Giving identity to undocumented children in India (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

46. A comparative evaluation of the shear bond strength of brackets bonded to pre-treated demineralised enamel treated with two different remineralising agents (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

47. The effect of various reinforcing materials on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

48. Effect of non surgical periodontal therapy on salivary procalcitonin levels in chronic periodontitis patients with type II diabetic mellitus (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

49. Centralization ability and canal transportation of root canals prepared with three commercially available pediatric rotary files – a cone beam computerised tomography study (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

50. An In-vitro Assessment of Dentinal Shear Bond Strength after Pretreatment with Silver Nanoparticles and Nanochitosan with Different Adhesion Protocols (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

51. Assessment of frictional resistances of newly introduction poly crystalline ceramic brackets (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)

52. Quantitative analysis of CD133 as a prognostic marker in Oral squamous cell carcinoma (Sri Durga Malleswara Education Improving Society)