1. Right to Quality care, considerate & respectful treatment.

1. Responsibility to provide all the information related with his / her health to the doctor.

2. Right of privacy & confidentiality and has right to access to his / her clinical records.

2. Responsibility to follow the treatment plan as prescribed.

3. Right to information on care plan, progress and other healthcare needs and has right to refuse any treatment.

3. Responsible to be respectful and considerate towards staff.

4. Right of informed consent before any invasive / high risk procedures / treatment.

4. Responsible for his / her actions if he/she refuses treatment or does not follow the protocol.

5. Right to information on expected cost of treatment.

5. Responsible for following hospital rules and regulations.

6. Right to seek any additional opinion regarding clinical care.

6. Responsible for fulfilling financial obligations as promptly as possible

7. Right of protection from neglect or abuse and right to complain and information on how to voice complaint.

7. Hospital is not responsible for the personal property / valuables of the patient’s family.