Budget Plan

  1. A budget estimate is drawn and estimated at the beginning of every financial year.
    For budgetary consideration the cost incurred in the previous year is considered and any new developments planned for the year is included. This is submitted to the governing body for approval.
  2. Income and budget – Expenditure is tracked every month by head of the institution and if there is any cost escalation, the same is put up before the concerned departments.
  3. The expenditure is broadly divided into:
    – Establishment expenses such as salaries, operating expenses such as material cost, electricity, repairs and maintenance etc.
    – Capital expenditure such as expenses towards dental equipment and building infrastructure.
    – Academic and research expenditure such as expenses towards library, seminar and conference sponsorships, publication incentives, community dental programmes and special equipment for research.
  4. Any new budgetary heads are created on need basis.

The institution follows both internal and external audit mechanisms to ensure proper utilization of the funds.