Our Mission

The Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences’ core purpose is to improve oral health and thereby the overall quality of life by contributing fundamental knowledge, excellence, and leadership.

Our motto ‘Service, Knowledge & Kindness’ is practiced to the fullest extent by the faculty and students who meticulously work in the respective arenas with diligence, dedication and devotion.

SIDS is steadfast in its commitment to excellence in dental education, to innovation in charting the future course of dental medicine, to the pursuit and advancement of intellectual discovery, and to the application of new knowledge. Fundamental to this commitment is SIDS’ dedication to: attaining the highest standards of patient care; meeting the dental needs of its local community; and to contributing to the advancement of global issues. The Institute’s philosophy, which links dentistry and medicine, reflects a broad perspective on oral health. The Institute’s environment embraces innovation, change, and diversity.

In pursuit of its mission, the Institute has the following aims:

  1. To provide high quality educational programmes and encourage high quality innovative teaching and learning in a flourishing research environment;
  2. To seek innovation in programmes, curriculum design and learning methods through the interaction of teaching, research and practice;
  3. To operate a learning, teaching and assessment system which allows students to acquire and/or develop the knowledge and skills appropriate to their chosen educational and/or career pathway;
  4. To maintain and develop strong connections with the regional, national and international business communities to maximise new opportunities;
  5. To recruit and develop high quality staff who will take responsibility for planning, supporting and nurturing the Institution’s educational and research activities in a multidisciplinary environment to enhance the national profile of the Institution.

Our Vision