Hematologic abnormalities are varied in nature, in its causation as well as in its clinical manifestations, most of which manifest in the oral cavity. In fact the oral site in many instances could act as the forerunner of its manifestations before over the systemic signs and symptoms. The symptoms of hematologic disorders are so varied and nonspecific but often represent the initial sign of the underlying disease. These manifestations must be properly recognized to detect the abnormality in the early stages. So on occasion of National IAOMR day, guest lecture was organized by Department Of Oral Medicine and Radiology in association with MDEC, SIBAR INSTITUTE OF DENTAL SCIENCES for interns and final years. Dr. Amarnadh Polisetty MBBS, MD has delivered lecture on various hematological disorders and their manifestations in oral cavity and about the dental perspective on hematological disorders. A total of 114 participants (IV BDS and Interns) attended the program followed by interactive session.