SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences has been actively involved in providing community based dental services for improving the overall oral health among underserved population belonging to remote regions. Rural dental health centres have been set up at Namburu, Chebrolu, Acharya Nagarjuna University bringing services accessible and available within the reach hence removing various hindrances like distance and lack of commute services that have been deterring them from availing oral health services. Provision of primary dental care has not only aimed at treating dental problems but also on preventive and promotive care reducing the treatment burden.

Establishment of dental health centres has promoted the active participation of local communities in raising awareness on significance of oral health and fostering a community engagement and ownership for self-appraisal of oral and overall well-being. This has synchronously elevated the clinical capabilities of students in being resourceful and enhancing a skill-based practice. Furthermore, this has aided in focusing on the region specific oral health issues through mass screening and surveillance which is valuable for overcoming the challenges faced by the communities.