1. Development of artificial intelligence in detection of restoration, fixed prosthesis and implants in bitewing radiographs. (Velmeni, State of Delaware, The USA)

2. A convolutional neural network for automatic tooth numbering in periapical radiographs. (Velmeni, State of Delaware, The USA)

3. Evaluation of dentinal microcracks after sonic and ultrasonic agitation in diabetic teeth using micro CT: An invitro study. (Dentsply Sirona, Sweden)

4. Evaluation of postoperative pain after using SLP EndoActivator during root canal irrigation: An in-vivo study. (Dentsply Sirona, Sweden)

5. Evaluation of recombinant human epidermal growth factor as an adjuvant to collagen membrane to promote wound healing in surgical management of Miller’s Class I and Class II gingival recession: a randomized controlled trial. (Dr. YSR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada)

6. Evaluation of efficacy and
acceptability of herbal tooth paste in the reduction of plaque and gingival inflammation in healthy adult population – A multicentric pilot study. (Indian Dental Association, Mumbai, India)

7. To evaluate the efficacy and
acceptability of fluoridated tooth paste in its antiplaque and anti-gingivitis properties in the pediatric population in the age group of 6-12 years – A nonrandomized active- controlled clinical trial. (Indian Dental Association, Mumbai, India)

8. An in-vitro evaluation of fracture resistance of pulpotomized permanent premolars restored with different esthetic restorative materials. (Indian Council of Medical Research)

9. Efficacy of Zingiber officinale Rosco in treatment of xerostomia in Type II Diabetes Mellitus. (Indian Council of Medical Research)

10. Quantitative expression of Ki-67 to evaluate the malignant transformation rate in potentially malignant disorders. (Chennai Dental Research Foundation) 

11. Evaluating the efficacy of anti-inflammatory and hypoglycemic activity of 4% ocimum sanctum gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in management of stage I & stage II Periodontitis. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

12. Evaluating the effect of two commonly used pediatric liquid medicaments on color stability of aesthetic restorative materials : An in vitro study. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

13. Assessment of knowledge about alterations in tooth morphology in undergraduate students of teaching dental hospital. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

14. Quantitative assessment of cytomorphometric analysis of exfoliative buccal cells in individuals with tobacco smoking and chewing habits. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

15. A comparative clinical evaluation of the efficacy of 0.25% lemon grass, coconut oil and 0.2% chlorhexidine mouth washes on gingival inflammation: An Invivo study. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

16. Assessment of oral health literacy among residents of rural areas in Guntur district using Indian oral health literacy measure. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

17. Qualitative comparison of the staining properties of Kumkum and PAP stains in exfoliated buccal cells. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

18. Therapeutic efficacy of cold pressed virgin coconut oil an adjuvant to conventional therapy in oral candidiasis – A comparative clinical study. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

19. What makes tobacco invetrrates not to quit the habit?- A qualitative grounded theory approach. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

20. Effect of three commercially available whitening toothpastes on microhardness of nanohybrid resin composite: An in vitro study. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

21. Comparative assessment of salivary flow rate and pH in tobacco smokers and tobacco chewers. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

22. Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of fish oil capsules and probiotic capsules on gingival inflammation. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

23. Comparative evaluation of effectiveness of green tea mouth rinse with probiotic mouth rinse on oral halitosis and gingivitis. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

24. Comparative evaluation of the effect of Pearl millet, Spirulina, Probiotics as an adjunct in the management of stage I and stage II periodontitis. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)

25. Comparative evaluation of microleakage following restoration of class V cavities with newer restorative materials-a stereomicroscopic study. (Dr. YSRUHS UGSRS 2023)