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  • Zonal CDE Program by Oral Medicine and Radiology on Research Methodology

Research methodology is a structured and scientific approach used to collect, analyse, and interpret quantitative or qualitative data to answer research questions or test hypotheses. A research methodology is like a plan for carrying out research and helps keep researchers on track by limiting the scope of the research. Several aspects must be considered before selecting an appropriate research methodology, such as research limitations and ethical concerns that may affect your research. The research methodology section in a scientific paper describes the different methodological choices made, such as the data collection and analysis methods, and why these choices were selected. The reasons should explain why the methods chosen are the most appropriate to answer the research question. A good research methodology also helps ensure the reliability and validity of the research findings. This topic is very much important at postgraduate level as they need to go on with short studies, thesis and they need to write research papers. So a Zonal CDE program was planned with aegis of YSR University of health sciences, Vijayawada. Guest speakers for the session are Dr. Phanindra.D. and Dr. Vivekanand Kattimani. Program went for two sessions and it started at 9:00 am with registrations and followed by lectures. A total of 24 participants attended the program and program went on very well and ended with felicitation to speaker.