World Hepatitis Day is celebrated by Department of Public Health Dentistry on 28th July 2022; the program was charted out to reach dental students and high school students in an attempt to sensitize them towards World Hepatitis Day. The dental students were addressed with the topic in terms of etiology, epidemiology and prevention of Hepatitis and were explained with the theme. This year’s theme being, “Bringing hepatitis care closer to you”, the students were emphasized on the importance of person-centered care and alignment of systems and integration of services to reach the goal of elimination by 2030. To accomplish hepatitis elimination somewhere around 60% of individuals living with hepatitis B and C should be analyzed and 50% should be restored (hepatitis C) or getting treatment (hepatitis B) by 2025.

The Government High school students of Kazipet which is 10 km from SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences (Class Ninth and Tenth) were addressed with causes, prevention of Hepatitis. This program was arranged by Final year BDS students posted in the department of Public Health Dentistry. A poster was displayed in the class room containing types of Hepatitis Virus, Symptoms of Hepatitis, and Prevention of Hepatitis. The children were approached with known to unknown principle of Health Education, responses were encouraged and children who answered were appreciated with applaud in front of the whole class and their names were noted for prize distribution.  Dental screening was performed for the high school children and institutional referral cards have been issued for children who were identified with over retained deciduous teeth, clinical caries, calculus and gingivitis and they were encouraged to seek care. The teachers were informed about the services needed for the children.